Image courtesy: stock exchange
Image Courtesy: CSS electronics
Image Courtesy: CSS electronics.
  • 0x01: Shows current data. Sending a PID of 0x00 returns 4 bytes of bit-encoded available PIDs.
  • 0x02: Shows freeze frame data and the PID value remains the same as 0x01, but the data will be from the frozen state.
  • 0x03: Shows stored ( confirmed ) diagnostic trouble codes.
  • 0x04: Erases DTCs & clears diagnostic history, Even refurbishes the DTCs and frozen data.
  • 0x07: Shows “pending” diagnostic codes, Displays codes that have shown up once but that haven’t been confirmed; status pending.
  • 0x08: Controls operations of the onboard component/system It allows a technician to activate and deactivate the system actuators manually. System actuators allow drive-by-wire operations and physically control different devices. These codes aren’t standard, so a common scan tool won’t be able to do much with this model. Dealership scan tools have a lot more access to vehicle internals and are an interesting target for hackers to reverse engineer.
  • 0x09: Requests vehicle information, Several pieces of data can be pulled with mode 0x09.
  • 0x0a: Permanent diagnostic codes This mode pulls DTCs that have been erased via mode 0x04. These DTCs are cleared only once the PCM has verified the fault condition is no longer present.




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